Download these Moog instrumentals and follow the links to find out about their cosmic instruments.


Satan Doll 1:12

Minimoog #2507 plays a computer driven sequence. Harmonic motion (and the title) inspired by Billy Strayhorn's 'Satin Doll'.

Loose Hypotenuse 0:23

The ridiculously phat sounds of Minimoog #2507.

External Locus of Control 0:48

Moog Sample & Hold Controller using The Cosmic Cable to drive Minimoog #9237 through Multimoog #1179 (with delay).

Oscillation Overthruster 0:56

Moog Drum Controller and Moog Sample & Hold Controller using two Cosmic Cables to drive Minimoog #2507.

Chances Are 0:15

"How random is it?" Moog Sample & Hold Controller using The Cosmic Cable to drive The Cosmic Moog.

Yvette's Theme Song 1:31

The Cosmic Moog Source plays a computer driven sequence through the Synhouse midijack.

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