You might be bidding on the first and phattest of portable synthesizers. The Moog Minimoog is the most sought after and most influential synthesizer ever made. Most will say it has the richest, most alive analog tone of any portable monophonic keyboard. Especially when it comes to the bass.

This moog, Minimoog #2507, is in absolutely perfect working order. All key contacts and pots smooth as butter. All keys flat, white and fully functional. No missing screws. Early (smooth style) pitch and modulation wheels in super fine condition. All three oscillators are stable, tuned and scaled. Mini has one modification: the keyboard's ribbon now has a connector jack on the top in between the outputs and inputs. Looks cool, functionally no difference.

#2507 is a minimoog and all minis are beautiful because they are made of wood. Cosmetically, this one is in fair condition considering her 29 years. She's a rich walnut color and the wood looks beautiful except there was a split on the right side. It has been well mended and feels perfectly solid. On the left backside is a hairline split at the joint but it's joined by the metal bracket and also feels fully solid. Aside from this, there's a small ding on the top woodpiece by the ribbon input and tiny blemishes on the low F, C, faceplate and wood. The pitch/mod panel has a naturally worn look to the gray metal due to a protective layer of plastic that was never removed. All of these irregularities are minor, as pictured (see the link below), and evident only upon close inspection of the instrument. None of them affect the absolutely slammin bass which is your reason for bidding. Chances are, this will always be the phattest looking and sounding keyboard in the room.

Also included in this auction; a copy of Tom Rhea's "The Minimoog Model D Operation Manual" and a copy of 48 suggested Minimoog patches plus blank patch pages for your own sounds. Also included, an s-trig dummy plug, useful for propping open the filter for use with external signal coming into the 1/4 inch input.

$50 shipping, Paypal preferred. Proper packing assured. See my other auction.

This Moog comes from the studio of The Cosmic Joke. Certificate of authenticity upon request. I highly recommend that you hear The Cosmic Joke run this moog through its motions (one take, no effects, no multitracking). Follow the link below for MP3s and five more pictures.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks, Cosmic_Rob