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"You know that something special is happening."
-anonymous protester in Washington, D.C., 2000

Shut It Down 2:45


The Cosmic Joke track of ambient blues:

The Blue Fuse 3:17

The Cosmic Moog (minimoog #11118) intertwines with the harmonic histrionics of Laura Markley's guitar. Surely the whitest blues ever recorded.

'It's good to listen to' - Stitch

'The best one yet' - Remarq


Ant Matrix 0:52
A cosmic showdown between:
The Anteater vs. an Oberheim Matrix-6.


Follow this link for Moog Synthesizer mp3s.


The Drone 3:38

This track has no beginning and no end. It is designed for looped playback.

Finally, extended like all ambient blues should be:

The Blue Fuse (extended mix) 5:28

More harmonic histrionics and more Cosmic Moog have extended this track front, back and sideways.





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