Turgid Sir Spud 0:39

Quicktime video of The Cosmic Moog's ribbon controller in action! She slides like a theremin player, taps like a guitar player, and adds vibrato like a violin player.

The Blue Fuse 3:17

Not only is this a new track by The Cosmic Joke, but it is a new genre of music: The Ambient Blues. Hear the Cosmic Moog intertwine computer driven arpeggios with the harmonic histrionics of Laura Markley's guitar. Surely the whitest blues ever recorded, this track also features pianos, clavinet bass and an ostinato Sequential Circuits Pro-1 bass.

Chances Are 0:15

Hear almost random notes out of The Cosmic Moog driven by the Moog Model 1125 Sample & Hold Controller and The Cosmic Cable!

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